bail enforcement agent training near me (LAC Title 37, Part XVIII, Ch. com The bail bonding/surety officer PSAV program prepares you for employment as a licensed surety agent or bail bonds agent. This course will prepare you for all of the ups and downs associated with becoming a professional Fugitive Recovery Agent. Bounty hunters work with bail bondsmen. 01(B) prohibits the Department of Insurance from issuing a bail bond agent license until the Department receives the results of the criminal history check, which can take up to four months from the date the Department receives your fingerprint card. Connecticut, among other states, won't let you work as a bail enforcement agent if you're currently working as a police officer. Dec 28, 2020 · A bounty hunter, also known as a bail enforcement agent or fugitive recovery agent, is responsible for locating and taking into custody someone who has 'skipped' on their bail and failed to meet approved bail enforcement agent qualifying education courses - updated 8/26/2013. $94. For questions When and where are the pre-licensing classes held? A name on the CD/bond in case something happens to me? A No. In & Out Bail Fugitive Recovery Agent. Â Applicants may sign up for this exam at the Indiana  29 Aug 2020 Our bounty hunter training elevate performance, confidence, tactical skills, and breed evident success. Stat. Missouri Department of Insurance & Financial Institutions and Professional Registration. Next available class - June 4 - 27, 2021 (Limited seats still available) A Security Training Academy Inc. Bail is a price set to ensure that a suspect will return to court – the more dangerous a criminal the higher the bail. C. Pandemic Effects on Law Enforcement Training and Practice. was established in August 1995 and opened its doors in September of that year. There are several schools that offer training for aspiring bounty hunters. 24 Hour Missouri State Bail Bond and Surety Recovery Training start's here;. Learn hands-on tactical by the best in  Filing Requirements - Individual: · Application: Application for Bail License, form LIC 431-1. and schedule an appointment to have your fingerprints scanned. Surveillance; Court Research Bail Enforcement Agents Eagle Security Solutions Bail Enforcement Agents have made hundreds of fugitive arrests over the last 16 years working all over the East Coast, as well as nationwide. Los Angeles Glendale Fugitive Recovery Agent Bail Enforcement Training that exceeds both California Penal Code 1299 and California Department of Insurance  1 Apr 2015 Whether you are a seasoned bail enforcement agent or just beginning your career, a professional fugitive recovery training program can be  New Licensure / Initial Classroom Training. The courses are taught by practicing bail agents and legal professionals and will prepare students for becoming bail recovery agents in the state of Washington. Per Statue 83-39-3 (7) (a) effective July 1, 2013, All applicants for a soliciting bail agent or bail enforcement agent licenses applying for such license after July 1, 2013, shall successfully complete a limited examination by the department of insurance for the restricted lines of business. Add to Cart. Your registration includes our immense membership which has amazing benefits and huge discounts of over 2,000 of the BEST law enforcement products, Bounty Hunter apparel and gear, non-lethal weapons, badges made of real gold and silver and 4 star accommodations at Motel Six rates! Bail Enforcement Agent Certificate. Once you have completed the requirements, you may begin to work with a professional bail agent who offers jobs for bounty hunters. Certain areas actually make bounty hunting illegal, and some Jan 31, 2019 · Bail Enforcement Agent Education and Training. A. com. ENFORCEMENT DECREE OF THE TOURISM PROMOTION ACT, 관광진흥법 Article 38 (Requirements for Establishment of Korea Tourism Association)  We assessed the merit of the advice given in the literature to fade feedback over the course of training because it was not based on solid research evidence. This course combines our popular Bondsman Pre-License and Bail Enforcement Agent 20 hour Criminal Justice course into one 40 hour course. Apply to Bail Bond Agent, Recovery Agent, Assistant and more! A Bail Enforcement Agent (BEA) a/k/a Bounty Hunter is defined as an individual or entity who (for a fee) apprehends individuals who have failed to appear on bond or bail and surrenders them to the appropriate jail or to court. FAQ for Surety Bail Agents. A 17-6-50. Bail Enforcement. Sacramento Roseville premier bail bonds and bounty hunting school, Bailspeak, is directed by Sacramento’s only bail education instructor who has a verifiable and longtime history of lawfully running bail bond agencies that were, are and continue to be licensed by the California Department of Insurance; moreover, since Bailspeak’s Director is a veteran bail agent, Bailspeak’s bail bond Fugitive Recovery Training in California should consist of education in the legal authorities to bounty hunt as a Penal Code 1299 Compliant bail enforcement agent, but, also, one should take care to fully investigate a course for what is commonly known as a career ladder insofar that one has the option to eventually start his or her own bail The Kansas Bail Agents Association (KBAA) is an organization of individual bail agents that collectively seek to organize bail agents throughout the state. Our mission is to provide you with instructors who have actual bail bond industry experience and expertise in their fields. 3-27. Lost your password? Please enter your username or email address. 2 day bail bonds class required for applicants to obtain an NC Bail Bonding Bounty Hunter Training The Bounty Hunter Bootcamp Instructor cadre are full time bail recovery agents in Washington, Idaho, Montana and Colorado and are  Bail enforcement agents (bounty hunters) must have a license from the New York State Applicants must meet training and experience requirements to qualify. A Security Training Academy Inc. Use this list to start to reach out to potential employers. C. Individual Bail Agent application fee effective 03/03/19: $622. MISCELLANEOUS PROVISIONS § 1054. ) Maine. The Bounty Hunter Training Academy is the only Academy in the nation 7 Point Bail Enforcement Agent Badge. Bail bond agents loan these defendants the money so they can be released from jail. 44I - Bail Enforcement Agent In-Service Training Bail Enforcement Agent In-Service training must be completed every 24 months, prior to expiration. We have highly trained On-going training agents and Immigration Bail Bonds in Tampa. Our smaller classes are held from January through June each year. We train SWAT and SERT teams in this nation and police and military in other countries. G. The initial application process for first-time Bail Agent or Recovery Agent applicants consists of the following three steps: Complete twelve (12) hours of Bail/Recovery pre-licensing education. Bail enforcement jobs in New Jersey pay as much as $62,000. A Bounty Hunter can be defined as one who enforces bail, hired by a Bail Bond Company or one who assists in the capture of a wanted fugitive from the governing authorities, including but The Bail Bond Recovery Agent Training Center. Become a Certificate Enforcement Agent, previously called a Certificated Bailiff. This California Department of Insurance Approved Course Exceeds Bail Education Requirements and Continuosly Resets Industry Standards to Become a Bail Bondsman or Bounty Hunter and with Bail Certification Instruction by licensed Bail Agents and is led by a Veteran Bail Fugitive Recovery Training is imperative long before one takes action as a fugitive recovery agent who is tasked by bail a bail bonds company owner to conduct bail enforcement operations that are designed to investigate, locate, apprehend and transport a wanted fugitive who has jumped bail back to the jurisdiction from whence the bail jumper in question had fled. J. JUDICIARY CHAPTER 23. You will learn, the Law, Tactics, and Equipment use or tools of the trade. 1 for bail recovery agents. high-tech investigation school of bail enforcement 1266 bedford avenue brooklyn, ny 11216 (347) 612-8796. Then when you  13 Aug 2020 Step 1 – Meet the Requirements for Bounty Hunter Eligibility in California · Step 2 – Take Higher-Education Courses · Step 3 – Pass All Required  Bailspeak is currently offering the following Bounty Hunter classes: “Amazing, powerful information to help me passing the state exam. ), and there is some risk of personal injury in this Missouri Bail Bond Training 24 Hour Missouri State Bail Bond and Surety Recovery Training start’s here; To be a bail bond agent, or a Surety Recovery Agent in the State of Missouri you must be licensed by the. The compliance seminar will focus on preparing bond agents to deal with bail regulation changes effective Oct 1, 2011. Florida's leader in Bail Bond Education. Whether you seek certification in use of firearms, handcuffs, or O. The closest equivalent in the ME statutes are the provisions on "sureties. PART 1: IT'S THE LAW Up-To Date Fugitive Recovery Laws Your Legal Authority To Enter a exciting career in Fugitive and Bail Recovery. Chesterfield Security Training Academy Inc. Bounty Hunter Training Academy - Become a world-class professional with our 30 years of experience | 945 followers on LinkedIn. Bounty hunters do not have the legal protections awarded to police officers and can be held liable for injuries inflicted on their targets. Table of Contents. State Police to pre-license bail enforcement agents in a minimum of All Indiana bounty hunters must pass the Indiana Bail Recovery Agent Exam to obtain licensure. You will learn the legal aspects of fugitive recovery, investigative techniques, investigative resources, and the tactical considerations of a fugitive apprehension. of Continuing Education each year. Fugitive Recovery Agent Requirements to become a bail bondsman or bail enforcement agent who practices the bounty hunting arts, while seemingly direct, pursuant to California Penal Code Sections beginning 1299 and including 1300, 1301 and even Title 10 Code of Regulations, are immeasurably more convoluted to the extent that one’s more precise queries fall into the realm of questions more on The Bail Bond Recovery Agent Training Center offers a 36 hour course on Bail Enforcement in Olympia, WA. In many areas, a person can become a bounty hunter without any formal training, but some US localities require special licensing. On-going training is a must have for all successful bail bond agents. Because of these varying requirements, you may want to check the laws in your particular state before pursuing bounty hunter training and certification. Security Guard License Georgia, Online Fire Watch Training, Online Pandemic Safety Officer Training, Private Detective License, Bail Enforcement, Unarmed Security Certification Training Locations - SECURITY GUARD - PANDEMIC SAFETY- FIRE WATCH- TRAINING 866. If you are looking for the training and certifications you need to enter the private security world we offer reality-based, courses taught by certified instructors. Many Bail Enforcement Agents do carry and use various firearms and non-lethal devices (mace, tazers, etc. To be a bail bond agent, or a Surety Recovery Agent  Bail Soliciting & Enforcement Agents licenses are mailed and Professional Bail Agents are emailed. The continuing education course is one day (8 hours). 320 carleton avenue, suite 1000 central islip, ny 11722 (646) 820-4849. Jan 20, 2021 · Bail enforcement agents may have prior experience working as a police officer. Process for obtaining a new license/ identification card/badge for Bail Enforcement Agents: Initial ClassroomTraining  Fugitive Recovery and Bounty Hunter Training by the only instructor who's full time job is bail recovery, a California Department of Insurance certified trainer. Watch our commercial on YouTube. A bail bondsman, is known as a Surety Agent. com. com. The American Institute of Bail and Bail Enforcement has been providing affordable, professional and thorough bounty hunting education and training since 1998. Typically employed as independent contractors, they are private citizens with the legal authority to track down and arrest fugitives. wa. Producer or professional bond agent , helps an incarcerated individual post the bail set by a court so that he or she can be released from jail. G. Being a Bail Enforcement Agent means being part Detective and part PR person. When a criminal skips their court date, they become a fugitive from the law. bail guard, inc. Licensed bail agents in the surrounding Baton Rouge area. Apply to Bail Bondsman/ Bounty hunter. Under Louisiana law (La. "Jack" Ebbert and Delores Randolph. Cheaper. For those seeking more information related to the bail fugitive recovery trade, see below. Ongoing Training – Even bounty hunters that operate in states where continuing education is not mandatory often pursue educational courses and seminars through such professional associations as the National Association of Fugitive Recovery Agents and the National Association of Bail Enforcement Agents. *** Maine’s statutes currently do not contain regulations for regarding the licensing of bail bond recovery or bail enforcement agents. Unarmed (01E), In-service- Unarmed (01I) Arrest Authority-Armed (05E), Firearms Entry (07E), Security Officer Handgun (75E), Firearms Re-Training (07R), Shotgun Entry (08E), Armored Car Entry (03E), Armored Car In-service (03I), Private Investigator Entry (02E), Private Investigator In-service (02I), Bail Bonds Entry (40E), Bail Bonds In-service (40I), Bail Enforcement Agent Entry (44E), Bail We are the leader in Bail Agent education in South Carolina. " Surety bail bondsman" means a person licensed pursuant to this article who is also licensed by the State Corporation Commission as a property and casualty insurance agent, and who sells, solicits, or negotiates surety insurance as defined in §38. If you are looking for the training and certifications you need to enter the private security world we offer reality-based, courses taught by certified instructors. Bail & Enforcement Training Institute Licensing Course and CE Courses for Bail Bail Bondsman and Important! Arizona Revised Statutes (ARS) § 20-340. 00 at a CDI test site/$62. As with the entry level course, all appropriate Virginia DCJS forms and fees must be submitted to successfully re-qualify as a Bail Enforcement Agent. 00 Convenience fee at at PSI site). Stay tuned, more info will follow soon! Licensure Requirements. Bail bond agents typically submit monthly or annual financial reports to their licensing agency. C. • Must be A minimum of four years of experience as a full- me law enforcement officer with a federal, state, county, college or Two sets of fingerprints required for armed Bail Recovery Agent applicants. Hundred Road (Route 10). We are the ONLY certified provider of NC Bail Bonds Pre-licensing (PLE) and Continuing Education Classes who works to enhance bail bond laws and serve bondsmen. 00 (Exam fee is $62. TAPBA strives to protect and serve the best interest of bail agents operating in Tennessee. Pursuant to N. international security school inc 88-11a 169th street jamaica, ny 11432 The BEA licensing statute goes further in requiring that any person that wants to carry a firearm (including handguns) on their person while engaged in the duties of a bail enforcement agent, must in addition to obtaining a state carry permit, complete 8 hours of training approved by the Commissioner of Public Safety and be issued a BEA Oct 14, 2020 · Bounty hunters most commonly work with bail bond companies, pursuing suspects who have failed to pay bail or refused to appear for a court date. There are very real hurdles that you must clear to become a recovery agent, such as background checks, educational classes and licensing. 989. In return for doing so, the bondsman charges a flat rate or percentage of the bail amount. • 5 May 2016 Personnel Recovery (PR) & Code of Conduct. See full list on how-to-become-a-bounty-hunter. We are North Carolina's Premier instructors for Bail Bond certification. Chief, G3 Aviation, executive agent for aviation training policy and aviation collective (2) Plans branch focuses on near term plans, synchronizes Combined Forces . 17-6-56. Close to 400 agents attend our classes each year. The largest class is our annual conference in October. Communication skills and a level head will take you farther in this line of work than a loud voice and a gun. Everything!” “Pace of  This course satisfies the Missouri Department of Insurance 24 hour initial training requirement for all new bail bond, general bail bond and surety recovery agents. Process for obtaining a new license/identification card/badge for Bail Enforcement Agents: Initial ClassroomTraining must be taken first – the next steps will be explained at this training. 49, Reg 65, Sec. 95. Apply to Probation Officer, Bail Bondsman/bounty Hunter, Recovery Agent and more! New Licensure / Initial Classroom Training. You will learn the legal aspects of fugitive recovery, investigative techniques, Depending on the students prior firearms training and experience, there will You will also be educated on firearm laws as it pertains to a fugitive r Maine, on the other hand, has no specific laws regarding bail bond recovery. High Court, Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery, Council Tax, Non-Domestic Rates,&nbs A bounty hunter is a professional person who captures fugitives or criminals for a commission As of 2012, Nebraska and Maine similarly prohibit surety bail bonds. Register for your next  Education & training in the professional security industry. , has been a leader in Virginia security training for years. Sale price $19 00 $19. Criminals often turn to bondsmen to get bail money. We provide a level of excellence that is based in constant training and attention to detail from the beginning of an investigation through remandment of Home / Bounty Hunter Training – Bail Enforcement Certification Bounty Hunter Training – Bail Enforcement Certification Webolutions Hostmaster 2019-02-18T15:52:23-07:00 Upon completion of your bail enforcement course and a passing grade on the final test, you will be issued a certificate of graduation issued by our school. Connecticut Bail Academy has a quality training program to meet your individual or agency needs. *DCJS 11-4322 & DCJS 88-1574 Check out the A Security Training Academy Calendar for Class Dates and Times, events and other important information. They are required to be licensed and are sponsored by a surety corporation. A bail recovery agent, also known as a bounty hunter or fugitive recovery agent, is an individual (other than an attorney or law enforcement officer) utilized by a surety company or bail bond agent to apprehend a defendant who was released on bail and who failed to appear in court when required. Listed below are some of the most well-known and top-rated bail bond agents in Tennessee. bea_cert-1 . We provide career services to help you find the perfect security or investigation job. Discount Bail Bonds4. (02) 796-7387 Extension 105 or email consular@philembassy-seoul. The median salary for this role in Rhode Island varies between $45,000 and $49,000. A Bail Enforcement Agent (BEA) a/k/a Bounty Hunter is defined as an individual or entity who (for a fee) apprehends individuals who have failed to appear on  Missouri Bail Bond Training. To locate even more bail agents in Tennessee, you can use the Find a Bail Agent tool on the PBUS website. 44E –  Selected Program: Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice. sircon. 44I - Bail Enforcement Agent In-Service. 5. , has been a leader in Virginia security training for years. 4901 et seq. You may search for approved Bail/Recovery pre-licensing education classes online at www. 99 Save $5. L. The academy is located in the heart of Chester, VA at the corner of Harrowgate Road and W. Don’t wait…12-Hrs of CE required prior to license expiration date. BAIL ENFORCEMENT TRAINING BOOK "Modern Bounty Hunting: A Real-Life Guide for the Bail Fugitive Recovery Agent" 2005, Paladin Press ~ 8 ½ x 11 – 219 Pages. Our school has trained and certified over 1000 students nationwide through our classroom and home study courses. Unlike many professions that have a specific education, certification or training  More videos · To become a New York State licensed Bail Enforcement Agent ( BEA), after three years of work experience. With additional education and training, a new fugitive recovery agent can Some time ago in a conversation, one bounty hunter told me that real bounty hunters  Applicants applying for a Bail Enforcer license must first complete the necessary training, submit a completed application and undergo a background check  Enterprise risk planning; Risk identification; Scenario planning; Continuity and recovery; Response and monitoring. Initial Training Requirements. We are an approved provider of bail education for the Florida Department of Financial Services. Connecticut Bail Academy also offers specialized training for security guards, bondsmen, and licensed Bail Enforcement Agents that is based on real world experience. Once in police custody, he will be booked and his case will be brought to a prosecutor who will decide which charges will be laid against the arrested individual. Other names include Bail Agent, Bail Enforcement Agent, Bail Officer, Fugitive Recovery Agent, Fugitive Recovery Officer, or Bail Fugitive Recovery Specialist. gov of your Bail Enforcement Agent license. Round 6 Point Star Fugitive Recovery Agent Badge. You will receive a link  Complete the Bail Enforcement Agent Firearm Endorsement Application during the online application process (if applicable). California Penal Code 1299 that has been enacted January 1, 2013 (see below) which requires California bail agents, bounty hunters and bail recovery agents to take 20 hours of Department of Insurance approved classroom training. 1 for bail bondsmen and O. MODULE 1: Course description: This course is designed for anyone interested in becoming a successful fugitive recovery agent (Bounty Hunter). The courses are taught by practicing bail agents and legal professionals and will prepare students for becoming bail recovery agents in the state of Washington. Gold Card Annual Certification Maryland licensing requirements for Bail agents: In Maryland, each bail bondsmen must obtain a certificate of qualification to act as a property and casualty insurance agent, and obtain an appointment from an insurer licensed to conduct the business of surety in Maryland. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. The American Institute of Bail and Bail Enforcement has been providing affordable  Learn more about pre - licenses and requirements for becoming a bail agent under our EDUCATION link above. Topics will include current laws and  CEPOL Online Research & Science Conference. 00 Regular price $24 99 $24. Bail bond agents make money by charging a flat fee or a percentage of the bail amount. "*** MAINE REVISED STATUTES ANNOTATED TITLE 4. Sponsorship opportunities are available. Bail Enforcement Agent Training Videos and Opinion Editorials in Support of Fugitive Recovery Training for those persons wishing to Lawfully Bounty Hunt in California as PC 1299 Compliant Bounty Hunters with California Department of Insurance Approved 20 Hour Bail Agent Pre-Licensing Certification. Under the provisions 2016 House Bill 2056, on and after July 1, 2016, "bail enforcement agents" operating in Kansas  18 Feb 2019 Bounty Hunter Training. California Premier School for Bail Agent Prelicensing, 20 hour bail class, Continuing Bail Education, Bail Fugitive Recovery and Bounty Hunter Training by the only instructor who's full time job is bail recovery, court motion and bail bond liability expert. Testing Site - Pearson/Vue. com Bounty Hunter Training The Bounty Hunter Bootcamp Instructor cadre are full time bail recovery agents in Washington, Idaho, Montana and Colorado and are Certified Taser instructors, Certified ASP instructors and Certified O. Offer certification courses in Executive Protection, Bouncer, Casino & more. Jan 01, 2013 · To be successful you must have the knowledge of the bail bond industry just like a bail bond agent. 00+$33. Explore. Home; CE Classes; Get The Georgia law that requires this is O. 95. 2121 of the Code of Virginia on behalf of insurers licensed in the Commonwealth, pursuant to BOUNTY HUNTERS WANTED. · To gain training, to help obtain a job in  This is the required course certified by the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services needed to become licensed as a Bail. Visa-free Entry to the Philippines; Requirements for a Temporary  This approved course of instruction will prepare students to enter into a career in the bail enforcement agent field. When a criminal is arrested, they can be released on bail. Training Schools Offering Course; Submit to the Department. The bail bondsman as a licensed insurance agent is subject to the entire If you work as a bail enforcement agent in Maine, you may earn $47,000 to $48,000 per year. CDI recommends Bail Agents complete 6-Hrs. It is owned and operated by J. The training you receive at Eagle is the most modern and professional training you will find anywhere. · Bond: A Bond of Bail Agent, form LIC 437-9, in the penal sum of $1,000  88 Bail Enforcement jobs available on Indeed. S. 22:1574) a person seeking to become a resident individual insurance producer for the line of bail bond is required to first participate in the Bail Bond Apprentice Program. Better than the rest. C. The average wage of a bounty hunter in Ohio is $38,000 to $47,000 per year depending on location. Right to Arrest; Search and Seizure; Uniform Extradition Act; Virginia Extradition Procedures; Legal and Criminal Forms; Fugitive Recovery: Investigative Techniques; Recovery Procedures; Agent Survival; and Apprehension of a Fugitive (24 Hours + 1 practical exercise) Investigative Techniques. 919-612-1260. Since 1992, the North Carolina Bail Agents Association (NCBAA) has worked daily to support and be the industry voice for North Carolina bail agents. As low as $30. Bail Enforcement Agent License Application; Submit a Criminal History Processing Form with the applicable non-refundable processing fee. instructors. com. R. Philippine Visas. 99 Bail Enforcement Agent Certificate - Version 2. § 45:19-29, a bounty hunter means and includes any bail runner, bail recovery agent, bail enforcement agent, fugitive recovery agent or any other person who for fee, hire, or reward: According to state law, you must obtain this training from TAPBA. Compliance Seminar. 888-300-3379. 5253 Bail Enforcement Agent Job Description The police bring an individual who committed a crime in the station and hold them there. This course is designed to teach you the Georgia Laws, review what is going on around the state and nationally in regards to the bail bonding industry, and to give you 20 Hour Bail Agent Prelicensing is now a Mandatory Certification to Become a Bail Agent or Lawfully Bounty Hunt in California. Featured Bail Bond Agents in Tennessee. ARS § 13-3885(A) and (G)(3). You have Reached Rex Venator’s, State-of-the-Art, California Bail Enforcement Training School where You may become PC 1299 Compliant and Learn how to Practice cutting-edge techniques regarding the Art of Bounty Hunting for Fugitive Recovery Operations that are designed to assist and escort wayward Misdemeanor and Felony Bail Jumpers back to see their Sheriffs, Judges, and, if applicable Remember me Forgot Password? Sign In. Government and public policy. Faster. 22 Bail Enforcement Agent jobs available on Indeed. In New Jersey, laws governing bounty hunters can be found in Chapter 19, Title 45 of the New Jersey Statutes. The training costs £509 for 2 days classroom course and the exam. This surety agent bail bonds pre-licensing certification course is approved by the Bureau of Licensing of the Florida Department of Financial Services. A General Agent for Bail is a qualified individual who is appointed by an insurer to Completed Fingerprint Background Waiver; Local Law Enforcement Printout   Alternative titles for this job include Enforcement agent, enforcement officer, High Court enforcement officer To work as a court-appointed bailiff or high court enforcement officer you may also need You can find details on releva Bounty Hunter Rex Venator has been a Fugitive Recovery Agent who has Equipment and Supply Store for Bail Enforcement Agents who are training for and who just gave me personal confirmation of how much I enjoy the bail industry. How Much Can You Earn? Currently, there are more than 15,500 bail enforcement  To become a bail agent, one must follow the detailed application process As an industry, we are dedicated to training top-notch, professional bail agents. The State of Connecticut requires you to receive training in the laws of arrest, search & seizure law, introduction to the criminal justice system and the use of physical force. Welcome to Bail Bond Education Providers of Florida (Provider #368034). Meet the state requirements: have a record free of felony convictions; have a criminal background check performed on you by  Select “Look up education courses/credits” on the left-hand side of  How do I schedule the 24 hours of initial basic training? How do I apply As a non-resident, can I apply for a bail bond or surety recovery agent license in MO? Bail Enforcement Agent Licensing. A-1 Bonding Company 2345 E Magnolia Ave 100 Bail Enforcement jobs available on Indeed. See full list on dol. Bail Enforcement - Cost: $600 The Bail Bond Recovery Agent Training Center offers a 36 hour course on Bail Enforcement in Olympia, WA. Applying for licensure as an insurance producer with casualty authority, felons, fingerprints, and education requirements. Bail Bond Apprentice Program Information. How to become a bounty hunter. bail enforcement agent training near me